There are many ways to search items. You can search by keywords, choosing categories and subcategories, through regions and municipal pages, through tags etc. Once you are on the results page, you can change the main category, choose subcategory and limit more with filters. 

The Near Me button gives search results between 0-100 km. You can adjust the distance by sliding. The site locates the device you are searching for. Map icon (mobile devices) show search results in map view.

Just typing home page search bar what are you looking for. And where, if you like. Eg. Hotel Tampere or Taksi Jyväskylä. It doesn’t matter if you write in uppercase or lowercase. As you start typing, the search will give you suggestions for items, tags, etc. If you are on an English site, do your searches in English. In Finnish site, do searching in Finnish. Or choose a category what you are looking for.


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