About us

About Us

Finland Travel Info is growing tourist network and tourist information, offering verified and reliable holiday destinations, nearby services, and a map guiding for those who’s traveling in Finland or planning a trip to Finland. We maintain the portal, which is updated daily and presents Finland’s service providers.

Our main task is to connect tourists and Finnish service providers easily and quickly, without service fees or brokerage fees. Our goal is to be Finland’s leading tourist info and travel guide in the future. The portal is being developed together with tourists and Finnish companies.

Our Operating Principles

Our goal is to connect and benefit both tourists and service providers. We help not only tourists but also Finnish service providers.

The traveler

Get useful information from Finland and get help to traveling in Finland, find interesting travel destinations and reliable service providers; avoid e.g. reservations from scam sites. Booking directly from destinations also saves money and avoids brokerage fees.

The service provider

Get growing network that reaches tourists cost-effectively, saves money on marketing costs, get helping with marketing and improving accessibility. Receives contacts and visits from tourists directly, without commissions or brokerage costs.

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