Become a guest blogger

Become a guest blogger

Become a guest blogger!

Dear traveler, have you traveled in Finland? Do you have a travelogue or travel blog for your trip to Finland that you would like to share with other travelers? We are looking for guest bloggers and genuine travel stories from Finland, write by the tourists or travel bloggers themselves! THE BEST GUEST BLOGS ARE AWARDED WITH 100€ GIFT CARDS to partner destinations!

A good travelogue is practically a travel blog where a traveler writes about their trip from start to finish. Or alternatively you can write about some individual place to visit and experience there. In the travelogue, you can tell about places to visit, transportations, experiences, recommendations, and knowledge of the places. The purpose of a good travelogue or travel blog is to give tips, advice and generate value for other travelers. You can write one or more separate blogs on our site.

We do not want to specify the length or number of characters of your writing. So you can write either a short visit story or an experience in a certain place, or a long travel story of your whole trip, it’s up to you. However, we would like you to type at least 300 words. For comparison, there are 65 words in this particular box.

Anyone who has traveled in Finland can be our guest blogger. You don’t have to be a professional travel blogger. It is enough if you have a good travel story from Finland and you want to share it with us and tourists. Of course, professional bloggers are also welcome to write on our guest blog.

Basically, our goal is to publish all guest blogs that are written by the tourists and travelers themselves. Writing about the trip must concern Finland. However, we do not publish guest blogs that are clearly commercial or are advertising blogs made by companies. We also do not publish articles that contain racism or that offend any particular group of people, religion or minority, or which contain links to such writings. We currently accept guest blogs written in English or Finnish.

We reward the best published guest travel blogs and travel stories with a 100€ gift card to partner destinations. The writer will be notified by email of the winning of the gift card.


  1. Write a travelogue or travel blog directly on the form below. Take some time to structure and fill in all the fields.
  2. We currently accept guest blogs written only in English or Finnish. WRITE ON THIS PAGE IN ENGLISH. If you want to write in Finnish, please go to the Finnish page here.
  3. The blog will be published in about 2 weeks. We will send you an email once your blog has been published.


  1. Finland Travel Info reserves the rights to publish or not to publish any guest blogs.
  2. Guest bloggers are responsible for the accuracy of the information in the guest blogs they write.
  3. Guest bloggers are responsible for ensuring that they have the rights to the text and photos they submit to Finland Travel Info, and that the materials do not infringe anyone’s copyright or intellectual property rights.
  4. Finland Travel Info has the rights to delete a guest blog at any time without notice.
  5. Finland Travel Info has the rights to publish guest blog at site and change, shorten and modify the guest blog as it sees fit.
  6. The writers name and blog page (writers blog site) are mentioned in the blog.
Your blog website or any of your personal portfolio website.
NOTE! Just add a video related to the travel story you wrote! No generic youtube channel addresses, etc.
Drop your files here or click here to upload You can upload up to 5 files.
Please submit max four (4) photos of your travel blog and number images in file name (1,2,3,4). You can also submit your profile picture if you want that to be public. Name your profile picture: PROFILE. Max total 5 files (4 blog picture + 1 profile picture) size is 5MB. Pictures only allowed jpg or png files.
Enter your blog title. The title is also the domain name (
Write your blog here. Please structure the article the way you want it to appear. If you want pictures between the article structure, enter that part of text you want: PICTURE 1, PICTURE 2, PICTURE 3 or PICTURE 4.
More information and possible instructions on the layout of the travelogue.

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